Back in Time
Tin-Pan Americana takes 78 rpms for a spin

THURS, 10/21

You'd never confuse Ukulele Loki with Tiny Tim, but the Boulder-based old-time music nut does share a certain mindset with the late, great, warbly voiced, uke-strummin' weirdo who tiptoed through the tulips on national television back in the '60s. As co-host with obsessed musical archivist Uncle Jeff on Radio 1190's Sunday-night 78-rpm spinfest, Route 78 West, Loki, aka Aaron Johnson, touts '20s-vintage jug-band music as the sound of the future -- and guess what? The walking, talking, fedora-sporting, wingtip-wearing, twenty-something regressive, who also emcees the Crispy Family Carnival sideshow, is really cool. Do we detect a trend?

Aficionados of 1190 can now catch Loki's shtick live at Tin-Pan Americana -- sort of an in-the-flesh version of Route 78 West with Uncle Jeff spinning the scritchy-scratchy old tunes, but hopped up with live music by retro country stylists Halden Wofford and the Hi-Beams and Loki and the Gadabouts. Vintage dress, Loki style, is encouraged and will be rewarded by drink specials at the event, which begins tonight around 9 p.m. at the Trilogy Lounge, 2017 13th Street in Boulder. Call 303-473-9463 for details; for more about Route 78 West and Ukulele Loki, visit -- Susan Froyd | originally published: October 21, 2004


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