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Forrest Brinker

Name: Forrest Brinker

Moustache/Beard type: Handlebar

Age: Old enough to know better

Occupation/Hobbies: Teacher, Artist. I like to read, make things, ride bikes and camp

How long have you been cultivating your current moustache/beard? Four years

How long have you been a moustache/beard grower? Six years

Do you have any other moustache/beard achievements? No achievements, just regrets

Do you use any particular grooming products or trimming tools? Clubman Wax

Do you have any moustache/beard grooming tips? Let it grow wild occasionally. It is easy to over trim and too much primping and fussing just makes mine look weird.

Do you have a humorous/inspirational/profound story that involves your moustache/beard? People often think that it is fake upon first viewing.  I always wonder what story they tell themselves for why a person would wear a fake moustache to work.

Have you ever been discriminated against, jeered at, or harassed for your moustache/beard? Not in particular when it is well groomed. When I grow a beard I guess I look scary to small children and paranoid people.

What are some common reactions to your moustache/beard? Babies often stop fussing and crying when they see it (perhaps trying to figure out why the hungry hungry caterpillar is attacking that man's face) most people who make eye contact smile.

Why do you have your moustache/beard? Because it generally makes people smile.  It makes my day better when a complete stranger grins.

Who are you moustached/bearded heroes, if any? Poirot and Snidely Whiplash of course.  Dali was a bit overdone, my students claim that mine reminds them of Mario (Super Mario Brothers) I can't see the resemblance myself.