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Name: Jackson

Moustache/Beard type:  Full-on

Age: 27

Occupation/Hobbies: scissor collector 

How long have you been cultivating your current moustache/beard? infinite lifetimes and one year

How long have you been a moustache/beard grower? dabbled off and on since high school.  amateur, really.

Do you have any other moustache/beard achievements?  it's all around good luck.  a dream catcher you might say.  uhh, yeah.

Do you use any particular grooming products or trimming tools?  scissors to keep the mustache tamed and a comb to master the tangles

Do you have any moustache/beard grooming tips?  Keep it clean.  You don't want to be mistaken for a shitty hippy.

Do you have a humorous/inspirational/profound story that involves your moustache/beard?  I lost a wonderful friend this past year.  This is for him.  I love you BG.

Have you ever been discriminated against, jeered at, or harassed for your moustache/beard?  I was traveling in Europe last winter and was discriminated against in Switzerland.... let's just say I didn't get the lap dance I paid for.  

What are some common reactions to your moustache/beard?  "Holy shit your beard is huge/rad/amazing/really cool"   Plenty of, "your beard is gorgeous, lets fuck"....o.k. that doesn't happen.  I'm sure there's plenty of "what a f-ing pinko-commie-loser".  Whatever.

Why do you have your moustache/beard?  Beyond remembering someone who is gone it's a way to stay alive.  Keeps me from falling in with the masses.  Also keeps the fundamentalist-Christian-taliban-wackos nervous and at a safe distance.

Who are your mustached/bearded heroes, if any?  I don't really have heroes but here are some fellow bearded individuals I appreciate: Rasputin, Castro, John Bonam (spell?), Frederick Douglas, Willie Nelson, Richie Tenenbaum, Oliver Sacks, Frank Zappa, Steve Zissou, Dali, Rick Rubin and Jerry Harvey.

Do you have any favorite moustache/beard related media? --I.e. websites, books, films, etc.
Royal Tenenbaums, Awakenings, Life Aquatic, "Wild Bunch" and "Heaven's Gate"

Anything else you’d like to add?  Beard is  the new black.