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Matty B


Name: Matty B.
Moustache/Beard type: handlebar/wildwildwest moustache + curly Jew goatee
Age: 23
Occupation/Hobbies: I'm a grad student at Naropa, studying to be a therapist. In the meantime I'm cashier at the Boulder Co-op Market.
Hobbies include basketball,
How long have you been cultivating your current moustache/beard? Since it started getting cold again, probably around late August.
How long have you been a moustache/beard grower? Since it first sprouted, when I was about 17. But my first proper facial hair didn't come together until I 20.
Do you have any other moustache/beard achievements? In many cultures(e.g. Mexican, ancient Roman) growing a beard or moustache is the sign of becoming a man. So being able to grow a proper one is achievement enough for me.
Do you use any particular grooming products or trimming tools? Dollar store scissors, Mach 3 razor, my housemate's Remmington trimmer.
Do you have any moustache/beard grooming tips? Vasaline doesn't work. Pommade does. Also, the smell of eggs will stick around in my moustache all day, so when you eat eggs try not to get them all over your face like me if you don't want to smell like eggs all day.
Do you have a humorous/inspirational/profound story that involves your moustache/beard? My moustache actually started the Iraq war. Saddam is so jealous of my 'stache.
Have you ever been discriminated against, jeered at, or harassed for your moustache/beard? Oftentimes I will wake up to the my cat pawing at my beard, attacking it like it was some sort of hairy animal living on my face.
What are some common reactions to your moustache/beard? A lot of women approach me and say: "Hey WOW, you should totally curl your moustache up, like a handlebar moustache!" Then I do it and they're like, "OH YEAH!" I just don't want to have wax on my face all day long, I like to keep it au natual. But every once in a while I'll curl it up for the ladies.
Why do you have your moustache/beard? It makes me feel like a man. Plus it's fun to have something growing on your face that doesn't have pus in it.
Who are you moustached/bearded heroes, if any? Tom Selleck, Salvador Dali and Charlie Chaplin for making the "Hitler" moustache somewhat acceptable.
Do you have any favorite moustache/beard related media? --I.e. websites, books, films, etc. Anything else you'd like to add? Anecdotes, biographical information, or anything else is welcome.

The Handlebar Club ( is probably the sweetest site on the whole internet. It has everything. Also interesting is the Moustache Database
And last but not least, Moustaches for Kids (
helps remind people that moustaches are for lovers (and people dying of terminal diseases).