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Moustache/Beard type:
How long have you been cultivating your current moustache/beard?
How long have you been a moustache/beard grower?
Do you have any other moustache/beard achievements?
Do you use any particular grooming products or trimming tools?
Do you have any moustache/beard grooming tips?
Do you have a humorous/inspirational/profound story that involves your moustache/beard?
Have you ever been discriminated against, jeered at, or harassed for your moustache/beard?
What are some common reactions to your moustache/beard?
Why do you have your moustache/beard?
Who are you moustached/bearded heroes, if any?
Do you have any favorite moustache/beard related media? --I.e. websites, books, films, etc.
Anything else you’d like to add? Anecdotes, biographical information, or anything else is welcome.
Thanks for your time.